Khao Soi – Northern Thailand’s Famous Noodles

If you were to ask us what to eat in Chiang Mai, our number one recommendation would be khao soi! You cannot visit Chiang Mai and miss having a bowl of Northern Thailand’s signature noodles.  What is khao soi you ask? Well, khao ข้าว means rice and soi ซอย means to cut.  It is believed to have been… Continue reading Khao Soi – Northern Thailand’s Famous Noodles

Seafood Chowder (Maritime Seafood Chowder)

Spring fever is definitely here for us Torontonians.  Yesterday, we hit 17C and it was amazing! The sky was blue, the sun shining, the air warm (well, warmish) and everyone is out and about just enjoying the beautiful day.  We were expecting to see some in shorts and t-shirt, but we didn’t.  But we did see… Continue reading Seafood Chowder (Maritime Seafood Chowder)

Potato and Leek Soup Topped with Crispy Bacon

We were watching one of our favorite shows recently and one of the characters, a footman, had to do a culinary test and he was asked by the head chef about Vichyssoise.  So this soup, we found out, is very similar to potato and leek soup except for the fact that Vichyssoise is usually eaten… Continue reading Potato and Leek Soup Topped with Crispy Bacon

Beef and Barley Soup

    Fall season is upon us again and you know that means – soup time! Soups are amazingly easy to make and so so comforting specially on those chilly days when all you want is to stay inside and be warm! This recipe is super easy to make specially because you can make it… Continue reading Beef and Barley Soup