Peach Eggnog Smoothie

Our #eggnoglove is strong this time of the year ! All year round we wait for Harmony Organic’s eggnog and that time has come again. To make sure we’re all stocked up, we buy multiple bottles of their eggnog at a time.  For those who are eggnog haters, I dare you to try a shot… Continue reading Peach Eggnog Smoothie

Chia Pudding with Peach and Raspberry

Chi chi chi chia.  You can thank me later because now you have chi chi chi chia in your head playing over and over again! Hey, don’t blame me, sharing is caring!  All joking aside guys, chia has been in everybody’s radar since forever since it’s one of the trendy superfood everybody is going on and… Continue reading Chia Pudding with Peach and Raspberry