It’s All GRK –Toronto, Canada

  We are not your typical meat and potatoes couple.  Actually, to be honest, we rarely have meat and potatoes. However, when we do eat meat and potatoes, we prefer ours Greek style! We live in the exact opposite end of Greektown here in Toronto and when we are craving Greek food, we usually need… Continue reading It’s All GRK –Toronto, Canada

Kinton Ramen–Toronto, Canada

Ramen is so popular in Japan that the country is saturated with all kinds of ramen restaurants – from a specialty restaurants, to mom and pop eateries and  street carts! So far, here in Toronto we’re all about this Japanese noodle right now! Rightly so, since we have experienced the longest, coldest, iciest and snowiest winter… Continue reading Kinton Ramen–Toronto, Canada