Sugar Apple (Cherimoya)

I’ve been in Canada for about 17 years now and the thing I miss the most about the Philippines is the variety of tropical fruits it has to offer! Growing up in the Philippines, we mostly ate local tropical fruits because 1) they were in season all year round 2) they are super tasty and 3) imported fruits were way too expensive! I remember my mom going to Hong Kong with her mom and her brother and  she brought back not toys or souvenirs, but fruits – green grapes, kiwis, apples, oranges!   Thankfully some tropical fruits I grew up eating are available here in Toronto and so recently I decided to purchase sugar apple  (or atis in Tagalog).  It brought back memories for me and it was  a new experience for my husband!

What is a sugar apple you ask? Well, first off, it looks a little bit like a grenade to me, but the flavor does not exactly explode (explode like a grenade, get it? LAME, I know); the flavor is more subtle – like custard.  The flesh is fragrant, sweet and milky white and there are a lot of seeds in just one fruit! I did read somewhere that Mark Twain said that it’s the “most delicious fruit known to men” so if you are not convinced by me, well take it from Mark Twain and try it out for yourself!

Sugar Apple (Cherimoya)

Sugar Apple (Cherimoya)1

38 thoughts on “Sugar Apple (Cherimoya)

    1. awww…nice to hear how you like it as much as I do and that it reminds you of back home! 😉 thanks!

  1. I had never heard or seen a sugar apple before – it’s so cool looking! I’m going to have to keep my eyes peeled for them around here – I’m so intrigued!

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