Middle Eastern Yogurt Drink (Ayran)

Middle Eastern Yogurt Drink (Ayran) Ayran is a very popular drink in Middle Eastern countries like Lebanon or Turkey. In fact, it’s apparently the national drink of Turkey!   Each region in the Middle East has their slight variation of ayran.  However, the most traditional one consists of three simple ingredients.  What is ayran you ask?  Well, it’s  a thirst quenching drink made from a combination of  water, yogurt and salt.   Okay, okay, I admit it, at first this drink sounds far from being a thirst quencher, but trust me this drink is refreshing.   Ayran is specially refreshing on a hot summer day after a big meal.  Next time you have a heavy meal, specially a spicy one, reach for a cold glass of ayran instead of pop and you will understand what I am saying. To be honest, when I first heard about ayran from Arkadi, I was not sold. He has been trying to convince me to try this drink for years (yeah yeah yeah, I can be stubborn sometimes).  He has fond memories drinking ayran as a child.  My first experience with ayran was not a pleasant one I have to say.  We stopped by our local shawarma shop, devoured our spicy shawarmas and Arkadi urged me to drink his store bought ayran drink.  And like a good little girl that I am, I did.  It was weird.  To me, it tasted like water downed salty milk.   So when Arkadi brought up the whole ayran business recently, I was very  hesitant.   I finally had to indulge him and so off he went to the kitchen and a few minutes later, he emerged with a blender full of ayran.  I have to say, this time around I found myself quite pleased with Arkadi’s homemade ayran.   Arkadi’s ayran was real refreshing (there, I said it!).    And really, it’s actually a lot healthier than any pop out there.  It’s good for digestion (thank you yogurt) and  the addition of mint and cucumber made the drink even more refreshing! Try something new today! Here’s the simple recipe to follow:

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Middle Eastern Yogurt Drink (Ayran)
Recipe type: Drinks
Cuisine: Middle Eastern
  • 1 cup plain yogurt
  • 1 cup water
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp lemon/lime juice
  • mint (optional)
  • cucumber (optional)
  1. combine yogurt, water, salt and lemon/lime juice in a blender
  2. blend thoroughly
  3. serve chilled

Middle Eastern Yogurt Drink (Ayran)1

23 thoughts on “Middle Eastern Yogurt Drink (Ayran)

  1. Ayran is almost like Indian chach or buttermilk. It’s really refreshing and healthy. Thanks for sharing this. It reminds me of India.

  2. I had only had shop bought bottled Ayran until seeing this post, I was offered some and I never say no to new things. I had the same revulsion. It was just salty thin Yoghurt with the consistency of thin paste. I tried the recipe yesterday, and also added a tsp of honey to it, and now I’m in love with it.

    Mint and cucumber really bring the flavours out.

  3. Hi, I definitely love this drink its my favorite especially when my mother makes it for us, but I have a family night usually on the weekends i’m only 14 they get surprised by what I do. Now to the the real question you have ingredients on here, but no where does it say how much people it serves can you give me an answer? Because I have 5 family members and they usually want seconds of drinks and stuff like that so yeah, thanks.

    1. hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by! Last time we made ayran it yielded about 6 cups. I guess, in your case you would want to double the recipe and amount! Hope it goes well! Let us know if your family likes it! 🙂

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