Several weekends ago, we had a date day and decided to go to Nadege Patisserie on Queen Street West  and purchased a few macarons for dessert to end our date day! We got – blackberry chocolate, pistachio, cappuccino and champagne.  My favorite is the blackberry chocolate and Arkadi’s favorite is, of course, every single one of them! 

What are macarons you ask? No, no they are not macaROONs.  Macarons are pretty, dainty, pastel colored pastries made up of two crunchy and light cookies sandwiching a fudgy chocolaty ganache filling center.   They are light and airy and gives you just the right amount of sweetness to end a nice meal or as an accompaniment to your afternoon coffee! They are currently the rage in Toronto (competing with the much beloved cupcake) and they are not hard to find because you go to any French pastry shop and you are bound to find a beautiful, yet simple display of different varieties of these little pastries.  

Here are some pictures of the macarons we picked (it took a lot of self discipline not to eat them all at once):

Nadege Patisserie Macarons

Nadege Patisserie Macarons2


Nadege Patisserie Macarons1

p.s.  One of these days, when we are brave enough, we will attempt to make these at home and let you know how they turn out!

If you have made them yourself, please share with us your recipe and any tips you have!



42 thoughts on “Macarons

  1. I have not yet summoned the courage to make these at home either, but macarons are to die for! I think they are all the rage everywhere now – cupcakes are looong gone.

  2. I had a huge macaron phase for a while. Long story short, I finally did manage some decent batches and it is very rewarding (and tasty – even the non perfect ones), I use Tartlette’s base recipes to make mine. I find that there’s always something different with each batch of macarons but it is worth it if you love them.

  3. Love all the pretty colors of these macaron – they look awesome! You’ve definitely gotta try making them one day, they do take some time and preparation but so worth it:) Bravetart has an amazing recipe with a great step by step tutorial and I will also be posting a Red Velvet one some time next week 🙂

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