juice cleanse – why, how and what to expect

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Has this ever happened to any of you – your gut tells you that what you’re eating is a bit dodgy, but your mouth doesn’t seem to get the hint and just keeps opening and chewing and a few hours later, your gut decides to take revenge on you for not listening in the first place? This has happened to us twice already while living in Thailand and somehow we are just not learning! Thankfully this last bout of food poisoning is not as bad as the last one. However, now we just feel run down and in need of a good system reboot.   One thing I’ve always been curious to do is a juice cleanse.  We’ve tried to go on one before but failed after the first day of having to drink a mixture of kale, ginger, apple and lemon juice.    This time around, we’re determined to stay the course and to incorporate some healthy habits we will learn from the detox into our everyday routine.

Our friends from timetocleanse.com has written up a post for us to give us all some tips on healthy eating habits and the benefits of a going on a juice cleanse!  

How A Juicing Detox Can Pave The Way to Better Eating  

Food, glorious food. It has the ability to erase cultural differences and bring together families, towns and countries, memories are after all made when meals are shared.  Although it isn’t always easy to explain a passion for food it can best be described as a deep and all-encompassing love. We cook with our hearts as much our hands and eat with our eyes as well as our mouths. Food and happiness are often closely connected with eating being one of life’s noblest sensual pleasures. It is due to our inherent love for food that we are prone to over-indulging at times, leaving us with what can best be described as a food hangover.

You will be able to recognize the symptoms of a food hangover almost immediately: lethargy, bloating, discomfort and even some nausea. Although it is indicative of what a great meal you had it is not something you want to experience frequently. It is simply not always a viable option to just abstain from over-indulging, especially if you are a self-proclaimed foodie who cannot resist a tantalizing starter or decadent dessert.

Get Juicing 

One way to reboot a faulty digestive system is by doing a juice detox. It is actually much easier than it sounds and your body will thank you afterward. A 3-day detox is all you need to kick-start your gut into working the way it was intended to. You will not only reduce the effects your imaginative eating habits have on your body but you will also prepare your body for food to come, while making that food taste even better than before.

Enjoying The Benefits of a Detox 

How can a juice detox help you to enjoy the good food? Here’s how.

Your taste buds will come alive after as little as three days of juicing. You will be able to taste even the most subtle of flavors. Sweets will be sweeter, tangs tangier with every flavoring causing an explosion of delight in your mouth.

Due to the excess mucus being eliminated from your sinuses you will be able to experience all the luscious aromas from your food on a heightened level. Ever noticed how food tastes bland when your nose is blocked? The same principle applies here: If you can smell better, your food will taste better.

By consuming only whole-food juices for a period of time you will drastically reduce the amount of stress generally experienced by your digestive system. During this period of detoxing your body will be given the opportunity to heal and recharge while being flooded with vital nutrients at the same time. Your body is basically being allowed time to catch-up while you are rebooting your health.

It is obviously not ideal to resume your questionable eating habits as soon as you complete your detox but even if you should, the benefits of the juice detox cannot be disputed. Finding a balance between eating what you enjoy and what is best for your body may be tough but the inclusion of regular juice detoxes can go a long way in setting the balance straight.

Not sure about you but these phrases stood out the most to us:  food hangover, excess mucus, faulty digestive system.  Yikes.  We plead guilty on all counts. The truth of the matter is, it’s very difficult to eat healthy all the time or to motivate yourself to exert energy and sweat some of those toxins out.  So as not to overwhelm ourselves, our goal is to start with small steps – cut out snacks before bedtime, snack on fruit, drink more water, walk more and incorporate whole food juices into our daily food routine.

How about you?  Are you tired of feeling exhausted, unmotivated, foggy, sick and not yourself? Well, why not join us and take this small step into a better, new you! We can buddy up and keep each other motivated! Let us know how you do and we will also keep you updated on our progress!

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