Baker & Scone, 693 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto, M6C 1B2

Baker & Scone 2

Have you ever been asked if you’re a sweets or savoury person? I am sure you have.  Here’s my thing about this question, why do you have to be one or the other? I mean, why can’t a person be both? I love my sweets as much as I love my savoury food! If I were given my last meal and I was asked to choose between a big slice of moist, decadent chocolate cake or a plate of nachos with all the fixings, then I’d likely negotiate and ask for half of each.  I simply can’t choose one over the other.    Here’s the point of this whole soapbox episode, at Baker & Scone you don’t have to choose between sweet or savoury. You can get both! Well, I did anyway.  Each scone is the perfect two bite size and they have plenty of options to choose from.  Here’s a sampling of some of their flavours: honey and pistachio, fig and candied ginger, lemon and black currant, old white cheddar, dill & chive, cornbread jalapeno and triple onion! They also have soup, salad and brunch options so you’re not limited to just having scones.

When we stopped by and checked out Baker & Scone, we got their raspberry and lemon scone and their brunch option – lemon ricotta, smoked salmon and our cheddar chive scone base.  Except that day, their smoked salmon scone had a little something special – BACON! I had to share my scones with the husband and let me tell you it was hard to share.  I also ate all the bacon and told him that he imagined seeing a piece of bacon.  If you’re a scone snob, try out this place and I think you’ll be pleased.  Their scones are perfectly golden and crispy on the outside and light, airy, flaky and buttery on the inside.  It’s hard to just eat one scone.  Believe me.  Go ahead, put on some pants, go out the door and head on over to St. Clair West and try this place out.

Here are some pictures of our visit at Baker & Scone:

Baker & Scone

Baker & Scone 3

Baker & Scone 1


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