School Restaurant–Liberty Village


Torontonians love brunch. We pride ourselves in perfecting the art of brunch and to prove it, we have an endless option of brunch places here in the city. We are not able to have brunch regularly due to some weekend early morning engagements, but once in a while, when we have a free weekend day, we celebrate the day starting off with a nice brunch! At the end of this past summer, we had a free weekend day and decided to finally visit School Restaurant. School is located in Liberty Village in … [Continue reading...]

Cherry Pie Fridge Oats


  I am not sure about you, but I am definitely not one of those morning people.  You know the kind - those people who get up at 6 a.m. to exercise or walk their dog or leisurely read the newspaper while having their morning coffee.  Not only do these people have enough energy to be out and about super early, but they are also usually chirpy and happy in the morning.  You know the kind, those people.  I love sleeping and if sleeping ever becomes an Olympic sport, then sign me up for I think I … [Continue reading...]

Slow Roasted Tomatoes


  Today was a perfect fall day here in Toronto.  Although, Arkadi will likely disagree because he hates the cold.  Maybe I thought it was a nice day because I stayed pretty much indoors and watched the leaves get blown here there by the wind and the sun slowly disappear below the horizon.  In any […]

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Fattoush (Lebanese Chopped Salad)


  Fat what? Well, fattoush is a popular Lebanese salad and  it’s likely popular because it’s flavorful and versatile.  Fattoush is a standard dish in a Lebanese mezza (small dish or appetizer) along with hummus, kibeh, falafel, kofta, etc.  Traditionally, fattoush is made up of romaine lettuce, parsley, cucumber, tomatoes, onion, radish, mint and toasted […]

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Three Layer Raspberry, Pistachio and Brown Sugar Pavlova

Three Layer Pavlova

  Recently, we were  invited to my friend’s place for dinner and she asked me to bring dessert.  She happens to be gluten intolerant.  My first thought was “YIKES!” I very rarely bake anything gluten free and I had a bad experience using all purpose GF flour once and since then I have not made […]

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What is lanzones you ask? Well, lanzones (lan-so-ness) fruit is a tropical fruit commonly found in Southeast Asia.  Lanzones are round or oval with yellow skin that is easy to peel and translucent segmented flesh.  They grow and are sold in bunches like grapes, but they are much bigger in size.  When it’s ripe, the […]

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