Mango & Passionfruit Crepe Cake


Ever feel like your life is just passing you by and you look back and all you see is your daily and weekly routine of home, work, sleep, repeat? Well, we find ourselves thinking that way from time to time.  Truth is, life can be like that for everyone, even for the most creative, dynamic person you know! Good news is when you get into a rut, you don't have to be stuck in that rut! (Ugh..even the word rut is so boring...) There are plenty of things you can add to your routine to shake things up … [Continue reading...]

Khao Soi – Northern Thailand’s Famous Noodles


If you were to ask us what to eat in Chiang Mai, our number one recommendation would be khao soi! You cannot visit Chiang Mai and miss having a bowl of Northern Thailand's signature noodles.  What is khao soi you ask? Well, khao ข้าว means rice and soi ซอย means to cut.  It is believed to have been originated from Chin Haw or Chinese Muslims from Yunnan. Originally, khao soi was made with rice noodles hence the name.  However, over the years, khao soi kept evolving, picking up influences from … [Continue reading...]

Passion fruit – facts, nutritional benefits and recipes


Passion fruit plant is believed to have originated from Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina and Spanish explorers are credited for its name and for its spread around the world.  Usually, passion fruit is either yellow or purple.  The most common variety we find up here in Chiang Mai is the purple kind.  Passion fruit plant is […]

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Fresh Tomato Salsa


It’s summer so you know it’s time for tomatoes! I remember eating tomatoes like they’re apples as a kid.  I remember my grandma telling me to eat tomatoes because they help you have clear, beautiful skin and you know what, whether it’s an old wive’s tale or not, I think she was right. Nowadays, I […]

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Rhubarb Muffins with Almond Streusel


I spent one year without and oven and I really missed baking.  So the first chance I had, I decided to bake muffins and cookies all in one day.  I found a recipe for rhubarb muffins on and because I’ve had success with a lot of their recipes in the past, I decided to […]

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La Cubana


Ever been to La Cubana on Roncesvalles ? What do you think of their food and service?  To be truthful, it took us awhile to try La Cubana when they first opened because of some bad reviews online with respect to their service.   Not sure if the complaints were warranted or not, but we don’t […]

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Visa runs from Chiang Mai by car and by bus


Guess what? We’re experts at visa runs now guys! Well, not really. But we wanted to write a post to share our experiences with you guys.  We have a one year business visa here in Thailand and it requires that we leave the country every 90 days.  Sounds easy? Well, sort of.  Our first visa […]

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Homemade Vanilla Extract


Small space living was something new for us.  Two not so small people living in a small space presented some challenges but we were happy to call our 30 square meter condo home because it gave us what we needed.  But truth be told, I miss my old kitchen.  I had everything I needed in my old kitchen. […]

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How to Chiang Mai: Register your car and obtain a Thai driver’s license

dlt7 (1)

When we were planning our move to Thailand, we both decided that we would brave it and use a motorbike to get around.  We were not excited or comfortable with the idea, but renting or buying a bike was a whole lot cheaper than a car so we thought we’d suck it up and do […]

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Things to do in Chiang Rai, Thailand


Chiang Mai is the second biggest province in Thailand and generally the most well known province in Northern Thailand. But did you know that Chiang Rai is actually older than Chiang Mai? Both Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai were built by King Meng Rai, and Chiang Rai was first the capital of Lanna Kingdom. Later […]

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