Peach Eggnog Smoothie

peach eggnog smoothie

Our #eggnoglove is strong this time of the year ! All year round we wait for Harmony Organic's eggnog and that time has come again. To make sure we're all stocked up, we buy multiple bottles of their eggnog at a time.  For those who are eggnog haters, I dare you to try a shot of this eggnog and you're for sure to change your mind. We generally like to drink eggnog in our fancy little cups with a little shot of rum, but this time around we decided to play around with different combinations to … [Continue reading...]

Baked Brie and Sundried Tomato Dip

Baked Brie and Sundried Tomato Dip

Not too long ago I was invited to an all girls clothing swap party and was asked to bring a savoury appetizer. I wasn't sure what to bring as I needed to make something simple, fast and a crowd-pleaser.  So as usual, I looked at what I had in my fridge and pantry for some inspiration.  I had a wheel of brie and a small jar of sundried tomatoes.  Then I consulted my friend google on what can I make with these two ingredients and that's when I came across this recipe from  I … [Continue reading...]

Slow Roasted Tomatoes


  Today was a perfect fall day here in Toronto.  Although, Arkadi will likely disagree because he hates the cold.  Maybe I thought it was a nice day because I stayed pretty much indoors and watched the leaves get blown here there by the wind and the sun slowly disappear below the horizon.  In any […]

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Fattoush (Lebanese Chopped Salad)


  Fat what? Well, fattoush is a popular Lebanese salad and  it’s likely popular because it’s flavorful and versatile.  Fattoush is a standard dish in a Lebanese mezza (small dish or appetizer) along with hummus, kibeh, falafel, kofta, etc.  Traditionally, fattoush is made up of romaine lettuce, parsley, cucumber, tomatoes, onion, radish, mint and toasted […]

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Three Layer Raspberry, Pistachio and Brown Sugar Pavlova

Three Layer Pavlova

  Recently, we were  invited to my friend’s place for dinner and she asked me to bring dessert.  She happens to be gluten intolerant.  My first thought was “YIKES!” I very rarely bake anything gluten free and I had a bad experience using all purpose GF flour once and since then I have not made […]

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