garlic + rosemary popcorn

What’s your favorite snack? Is it sweet or savory or chewy or crunchy? Picture this – you are about to watch a movie you’ve been waiting to see for months, the lights are dimmed, you have your fluffy blanket on you, you’re wearing your most comfortable pajamas and you’re about to press play.  Now what… Continue reading garlic + rosemary popcorn

Pun Pun Market, Chiang Mai

The most popular question we get asked about our life in Thailand is about the food.  Everyone tells how much they love Thai food and that we are so fortunate to live in Thailand and eat all that good Thai food.  Here in Chiang Mai, the food culture is strong and locals love their street… Continue reading Pun Pun Market, Chiang Mai

Nutella Crepe Cake

Any Nutella fans out there? Well, here’s one more way to use this beloved spread – Nutella Crepe cake! This super easy dessert is a definite crowdpleaser.  If you have friends who are not Nutella fans, you really need to reconsider your friendship with them.  Seriously.   Whether you call it “nooh-tella” or “nuh-tella,” one thing… Continue reading Nutella Crepe Cake

watermelon and basil salad

I have a love/hate relationship with summer.  I hate the hot, humid days of summer, but I love all the fresh produce summer offers like plump, sweet Ontario strawberries, luscious, ripe peaches and of course, juicy, sweet watermelons! You know it’s summer in Toronto when you see bins of watermelon in your local grocery store… Continue reading watermelon and basil salad

juice cleanse – why, how and what to expect

Has this ever happened to any of you – your gut tells you that what you’re eating is a bit dodgy, but your mouth doesn’t seem to get the hint and just keeps opening and chewing and a few hours later, your gut decides to take revenge on you for not listening in the first… Continue reading juice cleanse – why, how and what to expect

Penang, Malaysia- what to do and where to eat and stay

We have heard so much about the food scene in Penang that we decided to check it out for ourselves.  As foreigners living in Thailand, the government requires us to leave and re-enter the country every 90 days.  What can be a taxing, inconvenient experience can easily be turned into something adventurous by visiting surrounding… Continue reading Penang, Malaysia- what to do and where to eat and stay

grilled flank steak with chimichurri sauce

I have a confession to make. I used to be very afraid of large chunks of meat.  No, not because I’m a vegetarian.  I like meat and I eat it often.  But I was afraid of large cuts of meat because I didn’t know how to prepare them.  Arkadi on the other hand has no such… Continue reading grilled flank steak with chimichurri sauce

cashew nut chicken

Have you ever been to El Nido in the Philippines? If you have not, we recommend that you add visiting El Nido in your bucket list.  If you have, then you likely share the same love for it that we do.  We were totally blown away by the beauty El Nido has to offer.  But… Continue reading cashew nut chicken